May Newsletter

Courses recommended for ST1 & ST2 Study Leave Budget

Please see this list of approved courses for ST1s and ST2s whilst in a GP post, where the trainee can claim from the study leave budget.

Integrated DOPS

From August 2015, there will no longer be a prescribed list of clinical examinations or procedural skills (DOPS). CEPS, Clinical Examination & Procedural Skills will become a new competence to be completed in the Educational Supervisor Review. Please see this link for further information.

Patient Consent Form

Please see the RCGP recommended Patient Consent Form for videoing consultations to be used by GP trainees.


Essential Knowledge Update 15

Please see the latest release of the Essential Knowledge Update.

New GP e-form for Patient Safety

Please read this letter from NHS England regarding the new e-form for recording Patient Safety incidents in General Practice


GP Centre Team

Please see this Organisational Chart showing the members of the GP Centre team.