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Recording e-learning in ePortfolio

For those completing courses with e-Learning for Healthcare (eLfH) such as Level 3 Safeguarding, please generate a Report via ‘My Activity’ for uploading to ePortfolio. Please see this link for full instructions.

Why do candidates fail the CSA?

Please see this COGPED report on why candidates fail the CSA.


MRCGP CSA for Trainers

This new course is taking place on Friday 23rd October at RCGP HQ in London to help trainers to help their trainees get through the MRCGP. To register click here. For more information, please contact Laura Baker by email or phone 0203 188 7658.


GP Survival

A GP Survival group has been set up to help trainees and newly qualified GPs. For more information, see their website.



All future GPs should acquire Level 3 Child Safeguarding competences by the end of their training. The Dorset Day Release Course Programme is providing training for level 3 child safeguarding for all ST3 trainees.



CEPS (Clinical Examination and Procedural Skills) are now provisionally included in the ePortfolio. The current DOPS assessments will be available in the ePortfolio as a read-only document from August 2015. Please see these FAQs.


Move to Supervised Learning Events (SLEs)

The generic framework for SLEs is complete. However the WPBA team at the RCGP is still in the process of designing the assessment form, which will have 2 parts, part A for trainee completion and Part B for supervisor completion. This will become the new SLE template. More information to follow in due course.


Why GP? The Because Project

This project is a collaboration of work from educators and trainees. Please click here for further information.

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