August Newsletter

Wessex AiT Handbook

Please take a look at recently released 2016 Wessex AiT Handbook.

Essential Knowledge Challenge Launch

The Essential Knowledge Challenge 17 has now been launched. Please see further details here.

GP Induction & Refresher Scheme – Clinical Supervisor Course

The dates for the next Clinical Supervisor Course have now been released – 2nd & 30th September 2016. Please see this flyer and click here to reserve your place and here for more information.

National Performers List for ST3s completing their training

Please see this document from Health Education Wessex detailing the procedure for changing your status on the Performers List. There may be delays with processing applications during the handover period  to Capita/PCSE. NHS England have advised that as long as your name appears on the GMC Register as a registered GP and you have evidence of sending the information (NPL3 and documents) to PCSE then that will be sufficient for you to begin work. NHS England advise that Practice Managers check the GMC Register for the above and ask you for copies of any correspondence to PCSE for their files.

2016 Photography Competition

Thank you for your votes for this year’s Photography Competition. The winners are:

  • 1st – Nurturing Tomorrow’s Doctors;
  • 2nd – They Tried to Bury Us;
  • 3rd – Duty Doctor, Life’s a Beach.

You can see all entries here.

Exceptional 5th Attempts at the AKT/CSA

For candidates who entered UK GP Speciality Training after 1st August 2010, a maximum of 4 attempts at the AKT/CSA components are permitted. The GMC has approved a new RCGP policy to allow an exceptional 5th attempt at either the CSA or AKT on the grounds of additional educational attainment, where the candidate has made sufficient progress to merit a further attempt. This change will apply prospectively to those candidates who fail an exam for the 4th time after 1st August 2016. Further details to be on the RCGP website shortly.

Review of MRCGP complaints, appeals and mitigating circumstances

The RCGP have undertaken a review of these policies and the main change has been to separate regulations from policy and process, and to ensure that the information presented to candidates is easily accessible, transparent and comprehensive. The revised documentation will be available from the MRCGP pages on the RCGP website in early August.

CSA Feedback

The RCGP are now increasing the amount and detail of the CSA feedback that candidates will receive. They will now receive their marks for each domain for every case in addition to summated domain scores, which should allow them to more easily understand the areas of the case they have performed less well. Candidates will also receive all the feedback statements for each of their 13 cases.

Programme for Trainers/Programme Directors to visit the CSA

If you would like to visit the CSA, please arrange this with

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