November newsletter

F1 GP Taster Placements

The Deanery will once again be looking for ST3s who have passed AKT and CSA to provide F1 doctors thinking about a career in GP with a taster for a few days at their practice. The F1 would shadow the ST3 for 3-5 days at their practice in June/July 2017. More details to be published in due course.


TARGET Antibiotics Webinar Series

A series of 7 free Target antibiotics webinars have been developed highlighting easy actions to help improve antibiotic prescribing. Please see this flyer and website for further information.


Joint RCGP/PCPsych Conference on Supporting IMGs in training

For further information on this conference, please view the programme and workshop information, and send your completed application form to Jennifer McKay.


ST3 entry Academic Clinical Fellowships in Primary Care

Applications open this month (9th Nov) for 5 Academic Clinical Fellowship posts in GP with an August 2017 start. Applications close on Thursday 1st December and are invited from current ST2s. For more information and to apply, please click here.


ESRC Festival of Social Science

Bournemouth University is taking part in this week-long celebration of the social sciences and social science research between 5th and 12th November. Included in this festival is an innovative photography exhibition promoting reflective practice and wellbeing of junior doctors through the arts. More info here.


Educational Supervision of ST2s during hospital posts

All GP trainers who have been allocated an ST trainee for their ST3 year will also be responsible for the trainee’s ST2 educational supervision for any hospital posts. These trainees will automatically appear on the trainer’s ePortfolio at the start of the ST2 post. ST2 trainees are advised to contact their Educational Supervisors before their hospital post begins, so please be mindful to check your ePortfolio for any allocated ST2 trainees.

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