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Completion of CEPS At the last ARCP, there were a significant number of trainees who did not have appropriate CEPS demonstrated. The 5 intimate exams need to be directly observed by an ST4 or above, and must be observed and deemed competent rather than the trainee saying they were observed. Intimate examinations – the mandatory CEPS – are: breast, male and female genital, rectal and prostate. These need to be assessed by a Dr of ST4 or above or in the case of breast – a specialist breast nurse in the hospital environment. iphone 8 plus case dragon ball Trainees need to be assessed in each of these five examinations as competent to allow CCT to occur. A CEPS assessment form is the easiest and best way to record these assessed examinations however some Educational Supervisors use the COT form and clearly and overtly record an examination in this place. Trainees can also record in the CEPS Learning log examinations undertaken without observation such as eye, respiratory or examination of the unwell child. To avoid confusion we recommend that the mandatory ones are recorded on the CEPS assessment form.   OOHs requirements for GP trainees This is set to continue as 72 hours in ST3 and 36 hours in ST1/2. Full guidance is expected shortly however in essence, OOHs work is to be scheduled into the new contract in any safe pattern compliant with the working hours. For example: working week = 37.5 hrs leaves 1.5 hours per week to allow 6 hours of OOHs to be worked per month or working week = 40 hours and the trainee takes back 6 hours per month from their scheduled clinical working week. OOHs should not be scheduled across more than 6 weekends per year. No fewer than 12 and no more than 22 of these hours should fall into the period attracting a night enhancement (broadly, after 9 pm or before 7 am).   IDT window Application window opens Friday 4 August at 4pm and closes Friday September at 4pm. Supporting documents can be submitted from Friday 7 July.   AKT 14 Fish package 14 Fish have developed a package to support GP trainees sitting the AKT. The Wessex Deanery is trialling this and is offering it free of charge until October 2017 for all those trainees sitting the AKT later this year. football phone cases iphone 7 We will be asking for feedback from those who have used it to determine whether this resource is something which we should be encouraging trainees to use in the future.   Single Lead Employer Negotiations have taken place across Dorset regarding the establishment of a singe lead employer status for GP trainees on their 3 year specialty training programme. apple iphone 8 plus case All trainees starting in or changing contract in August 2017 will have a SLE with the exception of those on the Bournemouth GP training scheme. Responsibility for educational matters will lie with the GP school/deanery and any other matters such as work conditions will lie with the guardians. army iphone 6 case Poole and Dorchester Hospital have appointed guardians who will support GP trainees on the SLE contract from August 2017. We are still awaiting advice about the guardian role for those GP trainees not employed by a SLE in Bournemouth. We will ensure practices are made aware as soon as national guidance is available.   GP Trainer Working Week The new junior doctor contract is to be implemented from 1st August 2017. A full time week is 40 hours (on average), notionally split into 10 sessions of four hours in length and including ‘out of hours’ work to be scheduled across the year. The working pattern is arranged across a weekly rota cycle of 5 days in which there are 28 hours of clinical work and 12 hours of education. As a guide, there should be 7 ‘clinical’ sessions: including (but not limited to) booked and emergency surgeries, house visits including travelling, telephone consultations, associated administrative work, appropriate debriefing time with the supervising GP and ‘out of hours’ work; trainees should have one hour of admin time for each three hours of clinical time, and the booking of appointments will allow for this as well as debriefing to take place within the session. There must be 2 ‘structured educational’ sessions: including (but not limited to) release to local structured teaching programme, tutorials, practice educational meetings, educational supervisor, meetings, activities relating to workplace based assessment, e-portfolio entries and 1 ‘independent educational’ session: for independent study and revision. initials iphone 6 plus case Please see this link for further guidance   Provisional Day Release Timetable The new junior doctor’s contract is to be implemented on 1st August 2017. As a result it has been necessary to make changes to the way the Day Release Course Programme is organised in Dorset to ensure that the structured educational component of the contract remains compliant with the new working week. As a result there will be 2 full days of structured education (Day Release Course) for GP ST3s every month and one full day of structured education for GPST1s/GPST2s every month.

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