July 2018 newsletter

Extended hours hubs and OOHs experience

GPST3s are required to complete 72 hours per year in an OOHs setting in order to meet their CCT requirements. Following the development of extended hours’ hubs, it is possible that some of this experience could be gained through these. Further information here.


Cremation fees and other non-NHS fees

There is a clause within the new junior doctor contract that states these payments go to the host practice, however the host is permitted to pass these on if they wish. It is important to note that “A doctor must not earn fees during salaried time. In effect a doctor must not be paid twice for the same period of time.” [section 7, point 4]


Approved courses for study leave during GP placements

Please see this recently updated list from Health Education Wessex of approved courses.


Essential knowledge challenge 2018

The first of three brand new challenges for 2018 have just been launched. See this flyer for further information.


Reflection on “work outside of training” form

If your trainee  plans on undertaking any clinical work whilst out of programme, they must complete a Reflection on Work Outside of Training form


SLA for the provision of GP training placements

Please see the recently produced Service Level Agreement for GP training placements.


Returning to training scheme

The Deanery Return to Training Scheme applies to all trainees on return to practice after absences of more than 3 months; Karina George is the appointed Deanery lead for this Scheme. Flowchart.


Biannual trainers meeting-3rd October 2018

The next Trainers Meeting will be taking place on 3rd October at the Executive Business Centre, Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth and is being organised by the Poole Trainer Group. Further details to follow.

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