September 2021 Newsletter

Reflection on extra work outside of training

All trainees are to complete the Reflection on Extra Work Outside of Training form for any locum work carried out alongside their training. This is a mandatory component of the ARCP process.

Greener NHS Ambassadors for pre-COP26 work

A new campaign will call on people from all parts of the NHS to pledge their support for a Greener NHS and take sustainable action that will improve their own health and wellbeing, as well as the health of their patients and the public, while reducing the NHS carbon footprint. To find out more about becoming a Greener NHS ambassador, contact or visit  Greener Practice

Review period dates & placement dates

Please take a look at this link to an article on Fourteen Fish that explains more about review periods on the ePortfolio. Review Periods  – what they are, who creates them and which dates

Dorset GP First 5 Network

To join the First 5 Network, please complete this short online form –
Members of the Network can attend their monthly events, and the first two are:-
8th Sept 2021 – Assessing and Managing Viral Conditions in Children
13th Oct 2021 – Your Future, Your Career
All questions to

Primary Care Teaching Programme for Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) & Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs)

60-90 minute education sessions on topics such as headache, dizziness, rashes, backpain are in the planning stages to be offered, via the Dorset Primary Care Training Hub, to AHPs and ANPs that work in primary care, out of hours and urgent treatment centres.
Any GP Trainers interested in delivering teaching sessions, please complete this short online form to express an interest. All sessions will be paid at the GP educational rate and would include preparation time

GP placements needed for Physician Associates students

GP Placements are still needed for Physician Associates students so if you are interested in hosting, please contact Chantal Simon to discuss further. Further information about Physician Associates working in GP is available here.

Courses available to book:

GP Trainers – Trainers of Trainees Needing Professional Support: 30 September, 21 October and 18 November 2021
GP Trainers – New Trainer Course: 3 February (full day – F2F), 3 March (half day – virtual) and 7 April (half day – virtual) 2022
GP Trainers – New Trainer Course: 11 February (full day – F2F), 4 March (half day – F2F) and 8 April (half day – F2F) 2022
GP Trainers – Small Group Skills Masterclass: 22 October, 5 November 2021 FLYER
GP Trainers – Small Group Skills Masterclass: 17 November, 1 December 2021
GP Clinical Supervisors – Enhanced Clinical Supervisors Course: 29 November 2021

Wessex Educator Wellbeing Workshops: September 2021 – March 2022 FLYER
Educator Development – Providing Career Support for Trainees Course: 4 February, 1 April 2022 FLYER
Educator Development – Shame in Medicine: 26 November, 16 February 2022 FLYER
4 week Beginners Yoga Classes for Doctors: 21 September 2021 (virtual) FLYER

Bookings can be made at

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