Wessex AIT Committee

The RCGP Wessex AiT Committee is a group of trainees who have volunteered to represent GP trainees in their deanery and is there to support you if you have any training needs or queries.

If you are a trainee in Dorset, please feel free to join our Facebook group to network, share experiences & ask questions www.facebook.com/groups/gptrainingdorset/

We have created a handbook to help you through your three-year specialist training programme. This contains some specific information relevant for GP training in Dorset. Please use it alongside the Dorset GP centre, RCGP and Health Education England Wessex websites.

Click here to access the Dorset AiT Handbook 2022-2023


Your Dorset patch representatives are:

Kasey Redler (Dorchester rep)

Abdel Rahman-Nafie (Poole rep)

Janine Plaistow (LTFT rep)

Maryanna Tavener (Poole and Bournemouth rep)

If you have any queries, concerns or would like to get involved, feel free to speak to any of us directly on one of the day release courses or send us an email (dorset.ait@gmail.com).

Please note that we are all volunteering our time and it may take a few days before we can get back to you. If you have any queries that need urgent attention, we recommend you contact your educational or clinical supervisor or one of the TPDs in the first instance. TPDs can be contacted via the patch office gpcentre@bournemouth.ac.uk or telephone 01202 962165

More information including a list of all current reps for each area in Wessex can be found here.