Day Release Course

ST1s and ST2s

The Day Release Course (DRC) is a monthly meeting for all GP trainees. Its content is designed to compliment your in-post experience and to prepare you for the the GP registrar year and beyond. You are expected to attend unless away on annual leave. Your hospitals are aware of this and will have made appropriate cover arrangements where possible.

The Programme

Meetings occur on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, 10 months a year. ST1 trainees have a teaching session in the morning and group work in the afternoon. ST2 trainees have their sessions the other way around.  View the ST1/2 Teaching Programme. ST1 / ST2

Who Runs the Course?

The Programme Directors (PDs) running the course and facilitating small groups this year are Alistair, Andrew, Will, Aurelia, Emer and Suzy.  Visiting speakers are usually local consultants and GPs with special interests.

A Typical Session

For the ST1 group, the morning session will normally consist of a talk from the specialist for the first hour or so, followed by work in small groups based around relevant cases. During the afternoon session you will be formed into a learning set facilitated by an experienced GP-the agenda for these learning sets will be developed by the groups learning needs and follow the GP curriculum.

The ST2 group will have their learning set during the morning session and lecture based teaching during the afternoon session.

Peer support

Sharing problems and difficult cases with colleagues is essential for sustaining a healthy, happy career in General Practice. Trainees often use small group discussions to discuss difficult clinical and nonclinical issues.  Solutions usually emerge from these discussions, and sometimes just letting off steam can help! Small group discussions also enable the Programme Directors to know if trainees are having adequate supervision and  good educational support in their rotations, and they can make changes to improve the posts if necessary. Trainee are encouraged to approach the Programme Directors directly at the DRC if they have any problems they wish to discuss. This complements our formal Quality Assurance procedures.

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