Foundation Year 2 Training

Foundation Training

“I would have chosen GP as a career if I had this rotation prior to the application procedure”

“one of the most supportive, engaging and enthusiastic mentors I have had the pleasure of learning from”

“the level of support is exceptional”


General Practice is the cornerstone of the NHS and the first point of contact for many patients. During your rotation you will learn about managing acute and chronic health problems, as well as health promotion and prevention. Your medical knowledge will be stretched and developed and a single clinic could involve assessing a child with fever, medication review in a dizzy, elderly patient, young woman requesting a long acting form of contraception, giving advice to keen runner with a musculosketal injury, managing an exacerbation of COPD and a capacity assessment in a patient with dementia.

In General Practice you will see how mental health problems, psychological wellbeing and social circumstances impact on patients’ physical health and their feelings of wellbeing. You will develop good communication skills and learn to quickly determine what has brought the patient today. At medical school you learnt about ‘patients ideas, concerns and expectations’ and in General Practice you see the importance of this approach in managing your clinics and offering good patient-centred care.

General Practice can feel quite isolated when you start. However, in reality, GPs work closely with one another and with others in the primary health care team. During your induction you will have the opportunity to spend time with various members of the team. Get to know the practice nurses who will be able to support you in many aspects of patient care and often have an interest in chronic disease management, such as COPD or Diabetes. The receptionists know patients well, so listen if they are concerned. Many practices have health visitors, district nurses, physiotherapists, counsellors, podiatrists etc in the building and it is important to get to know the wider team early in your rotation.