GP for F2s course

General Practice for Foundation Doctors Course

This course runs one session/month and has been designed to provide an opportunity for peer support and education for F2 doctors during their GP rotations. The ethos of the course is to promote reflective practice, independent learning and learning through teaching others. The course includes formal teaching, small group discussions and simulated surgeries. Participants are also required to teach each other through  ‘one minute wonder’ posters and case presentations.

Lunch and parking are not provided. Please arrive early for a prompt start to the formal teaching at 13.30. 


Current programme:


Date Venue Theme
Wednesday 12 December


Talbot Campus

Fusion Building



Cancer Education Day for GP Trainees

Wednesday 9 January


Royal London House



Physical Activity & Lifestyle

Campbell Murdoch


Wednesday 13 February



Executive Business Centre

EBC 302

Clinical Poster posters session

Wednesday 13 March


 Executive Business Centre

EBC 302

“A case that changed my practice”


GMC website

This provides a wealth of information about professionalism and other topics pertinent to foundation training. We advise you to read about Good Medical Practice on the GMC website

You learnt about ethical principles at medical school but now you need to know how to apply these in everyday clinical practice. For example, in General Practice, you may have to consider the following questions:

Is it appropriate to prescribe the contraceptive pill to a 14 year old?

Under what circumstances can you break confidentiality?

What do you do if a person with dementia can not consent to treatment?

You will discuss all complex cases with your trainer but you also need to be familiar with GMC advice on ethical issues. Please refer to