Recent Publications include:

RCGP Conference 2016, Harrogate

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Fraser, A (2016). What do GPs want from their first job?

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Forde, E. Rutherford, Butcher, A. & Wedderburn, C. (2016). Learning to be a doctor through the arts: Reflection through photography.

Forde,E., Bromilow, J & Wedderburn, C. (2016). Managing emergencies in the community: Learning through simulation.

Satgurunath, N. & Forde, E. (2016). Near peer facilitations: An underutilized resource in GP education.


Other publications and presentations:

Forde, E., Rutherford, Butcher, A & Wedderburn, C. (2016). Innovative teaching on reflective practice:Learning to be a doctor through photography. AMEE Conference, Barcelona. August 2016.


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