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The BMA provides help and advice on a wide range of employment, partnership and management issues, but it also provides the BMA Counselling Service and Doctors Advisory Service (tel: 08459 200169)

Information and links to a wide range of resources can be found on their website.

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Doctors’ Support Network

The Doctors’ Support Network (DSN) is a warm, friendly self-help group for doctors with mental health concerns.  Telelphone 0870 321 0 642, or call their peer support helpline on 0870 765 0001 or visit Doctors’ Support Website.

Helpful information can also be found on the website of the London-based Practitioner Healthcare Programme.

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Dyslexia is a common condition which affects a large number of the population.  The two links below are useful resources to help in dyslexia assessments.  If you are a GP Trainee and know you suffer from dyslexia then please ensure you inform the Wessex Deanery as you will be entitled to support including extra time in professional examinations.

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Wessex Insight

Helping GP help themselves

  • Do you have learning or development needs but you aren’t sure how to address them?
  • Are you finding the demands of modern general practice, your patients and working in the NHS overwhelming?

Wessex Insight is a new, confidential educational support service set up by the Wessex LMCs and Deanery to support the needs of GPs across Wessex.  It is targeted at common issues that many of us face, which the Wessex LMCs and Deanery feel can be helped by access to the right intervention, at the right time and at a reasonable cost (subsidised by learning bursary)

Areas covered include: Time management, Communication and language skills, Coaching in particular skills, Mentoring, Careers advice, Opportunities to see how others practice, Consultation skills, Specific support for certain groups of GPs, Signposting.

You can self refer or discuss your development needs in confidence with your Appraiser of member of your local GP Educational team.

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Royal Medical Foundation

The Royal Medical Foundation, a medical benevolent charity assists UK medical practitioners and their dependants who find themselves in financial hardship.

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Royal Medical Benevolent Fund

Depending on individual needs and circumstances, RMBF is able to provide grants, loans, information, advice, clothes parcels, payments to assist with domestic and financial crises or help with childcare and other costs.

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Samaritans is available 24 hours a day to provide confidential emotional support for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which may lead to suicide.

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Professional Support Unit

Virtual Support Group
Name Area of Expertise
Angela Mactavish Language Difficulties
Chris Sinclair Language Difficulties
Mrs Gail Alexander Dyslexia (assessment and coaching) – Process Document for dyslexia cases
Professor Colin Coles Exam technique (exam failure)
Dr Nick Maguire Communication/Interpersonal Skills – Process Document for communication skills
Professor Sri Kandiah Communication/Interpersonal Skills – Process Document for communication skills
Dr Judy Curson Coaching/Professionalism
Ms Sally Gore Coaching/Professionalism
Dr Susan Harvey Occupational Health issues
Independent Occupational Health and HR advice to be used in the case a second opinion is needed or the doctor is between Trusts.
Mrs Barbara Wallis Career Counselling
Dr Sonia Hutton-Taylor (Medical Forum) Career Counselling
Mr Martin Clarke (Inspire Change) Time Management
Stefan Gleeson Asperger’s syndrome
Marchwood Priory Mental health problems including drug and alcohol dependency
Educational Psychologist Educational psychology assessment
Catherine Smith Psycho-therapeutic assessment
Professional boundary setting assessment and intervention
Jo Murphy ComCommunication And Presentation Skills through Drama Training
1:1 Personal Tuition and Training
Course Leader of the CSI – (Communication Skills Intensive)munication And Presentation Skills through Drama Training
Programme Management Teams The contact details and information about the management of the specialty training programmes can be found via the Specialty Schools pages.

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