Clinical Information


National Library for Health

A useful site for accessing evidence-based medicine resources such as the Cochrane Library and the latest NICE guidance. Also provides links to useful databases of medical images for use in presentations.

Google Scholar

A search engine to find abstracts and original papers.

Edinburgh Renal Unit – GP info

Although this site is primarily for GPs in Edinburgh, there is a wealth of practical information about managing common renal problems including CKD, haematuria, potassium disturbances and starting ACE inhibitors.

British Association of Dermatologists

A wealth of information about skin diseases and a huge selection of disease specific leaflets with information for patients.


A detailed dematological AtoZ including excellent images. [/one_half] [one_half_last]

NHS Clinical Knowledge Summaries

The NHS Clinical Knowledge Summaries (formerly PRODIGY) are a reliable source of evidence-based information and practical ‘know how’ about the common conditions managed in primary care.

CKS is commissioned and paid for by NHS Evidence, a service provided by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

Wondering what your patient’s newly diagnosed syndrome is? This site takes the mystery out of eponyms.

GP Notebook

An encyclopaedia of medical knowledge which is easy to access, even during consultations. Also offers a Tracker service to log the pages viewed for your Personal Development Plans and an Educational Modules section (GEMs) for online learning.

Epilepsy Action

Website of the largest member led epilepsy organisation in Britain. Contains a dedicated section for health professionals. [/one_half_last]