Official Bodies

British Medical Association

Information for BMA members including useful advice on careers, finances and professional regulation.

Wessex Deanery

The Deanery is the overarching body responsible for the funding and implementation of most aspects of doctors’ education in Dorset.  The website includes a range of useful information including sections for registrars; on becoming a trainer; and a selection of useful forms and documents for download.

Department of Health

Official policies, guidance and documents from the Government’s Department of Health.

Department for Work and Pensions

Useful information for health professionals about sickness certification and fitness for work. Helpful summaries of benefits and entitlements.

NHS Pensions Agency

Details of NHS pensions, forms for self-employed locums, pensions calculators and newsletters for employers.

General Medical Council

Homepage of the GMC. Online access to Good Medical Practice Guidance is available here as well as information about registration, revalidation and licensing.

Royal College of General Practitioners

The official site of the RCGP. Contains essential information about the GP Curriculum, nMRCGP, ePortfolio and certification.  Also links to the RCGP bookshop which has a selection of core GP texts.  Associate members can also access the British Journal of General Practice from this site.

National Association of Sessional GPs

The NASGP provides support and advice for locum GPs, salaried GPs and other non-principals.  NASGP also lobbies on Sessional GPs’ behalf.  Their website provides an excellent range of resources.

Health Protection Agency

“The Agency identifies and responds to health hazards and emergencies caused by infectious disease, hazardous chemicals, poisons or radiation.  It gives advice to the public on how to stay healthy and avoid health hazards, provides data and information to government to help inform its decision making, and advises people working in healthcare.  It also makes sure the nation is ready for future threats to health that could happen naturally, accidentally or deliberately.”

Wessex LMC

The Local Medical Committee has been in existence for over 95 years and is a local, elected and representative body of General Practitioners.  The Wessex LMC website contains guidance on a wide variety of practice issues and also provides access to core national documents and legislation.  There are dedicated areas of the site for GP registrars and sessional GPs.