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Guidance for Use of iPads and Other Personal Devices

If personal devices are used for recording data the following precautions should be taken:

  • The patient must consent to the consultation being recorded and stored on the device
  • The device must have a device pin lock enforced on the device at all times and this pin lock code must not be shared with anyone else
  • The device must have a tracking app enabled on it if there is one available – such as findmyiphone
  • Consultations should be deleted as soon as they have been reviewed or used for the purposed that they were recorded for
  • The recorded consultation should be treated in the same manner as patient notes and with the same levels of security and protection
  • The BMA has published guidance on protecting electronic patient information – this can be found at
  • The GMC has ethical guidance on a number of topics including the protection of personal information and specialist areas such as audio and visual recordings – the guidance can be found at

This document contains the above information and a bit more.

Social Media

Useful Apps for General Practice

Adapted from the LMC Update July 2012 – Nigel Watson


  • This version is free and easy to load for GPs in England but you do need an “Athens” password.
  • To register for an Athens account look at this website.
  • You can use this password to access Map of Medicine as well.
  • Cost free

PseudoChromatic ColorTest

  • This App is essentially an electronic version of the Ishihara Tests Charts for Colour Blindness (which currently retail for £170).
  • This is a useful as it not only has all the charts but also explains what the test results mean.  Probably better on the iPad than on the iPhone.
  • Cost free

CliniCal and ClinCalc

  • These are two similar Apps although they do contain different calculations
  • For example the Apps calculate the following for you:
    • Abbreviated mental test score
    • CHADS2 scores
    • International Prostrate Symptom Score
    • Opioid conversion doses
    • Predicted PEFR for age, height and sex
    • Wells criteria for DVT or PE risk
  • Cost free

Differential diagnosis from the BMJ Group

  • This App is useful for example to help with the differential diagnosis of abdominal pain in pregnancy but will also go on to consider the differential diagnosis and then give details of the conditions to be considered and the appropriate investigations.
  • Version 2 is now available at a cost of £5.45.

ECG Guide for iPad

  • This App is useful as a reference and also a training guide and one of the best ECG guides.
  • Cost £5.49

Miniatlas Anatomy

  • This App contains really useful pictures and diagrams, which help to explain to patients the anatomy, physiology and pathology of various conditions.
  • Costs £3.99

Best Practice BMJ

  • Lots of information, easy to use, gets good ratings for contents but some questions about the price.
  • Cost by subscription £79 +VAT


  • This is a dedicated medical search engine often used by healthcare professionals. You can select a search category, such as GP, which makes the search more relevant.
  • Cost free


  • MIMS is an abbreviation for “Monthly Index of Medical Specialities”. MIMS   provides a very useful prescribing and drug reference guide.
  • Not cheap but easy to use, updated regularly, easy to find drugs by name, class or what could be used in certain clinical situations.  In addition excellent links to referenced guideline such as NICE .
  • Really good table of Blood Glucose Meters and which are the compatible test strips.
  • Cost £9.99


  • This App has been produced by the University Hospital Southampton and covers both Paediatric and Adult guides. It is hospital focused but is useful.
  • Cost free

MGP Ltd Guidelines

  • This App contains concise clinical guideline summaries of all major primary and shared care guidelines in the UK.
  • There is a registration process, which is quite simple. The App is sponsored by AstraZeneca.
  • First time you use the App you have to register with Guidelines in Practice to access the functionality of the App.
  • Cost free


  • This is an American App; it has some useful information but takes some time to go through the registration process.
  • Cost free

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