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If you are about to qualify, have a look at this helpful guide from the Wessex LMC:

LMC (Getting ready to qualify) 10.12.14



Applying to be on the
National Performers List

The National Performer’s List used to be held locally. There are now three national
lists for Medical, Dental and Ophthalmic performers. The lists provide an extra
layer of reassurance for the public that GPs, Dentists and Opticians practising in
the NHS are suitably qualified, have up to date training, have appropriate English
language skills and have passed other relevant checks such as with the Disclosure
and Barring Service and the NHS Litigation Authority. You will already be on the
Medical Performer’s List as a Registrar but you need to update this to practise as
a GP. The National Performer’s List is still administrated locally. The website
provides information about the National Performers Lists.
You will need to fill out an NPL 3 form. The instructions from PCSE can be found here. Once complete you will need to send it to putting NPL 3 in the email subject line.
They will require a copy of your CCT and copy of medical indemnity and a letter of clinical reference (your last ESR report). There are currently significant times delays on inclusion in the list due to issues with the contract holder for this service, Capita.
There has therefore been a statement issued by NHS England which can be found here that clarifies that if you have CCTd then you can work as soon as you have submitted your NPL 3 form and evidence to PCSE.
You also need to use the NPL 3 form to tell them of any change to your details such as your address and practice moves. If you move any distance you may wish to
check whether you have moved NHS England Area Teams – in which case you
will need to fill out an NPL 2 form.
If you are intending to travel abroad you may wish to organise your change before you leave but note that you need to still perform some services within England during each year in order to maintain your status on the List. There is a suggested minimum figure of 40 sessions per year which would be taken from your appraisal discussion. But if you are going abroad or taking a career break then do call us first and chat the scenario through as coming off and going back on to the Performer’s List is a very significant process and worth avoiding if possible.
Anyone can check your status on the National Performer’s List status online at this address
Please note that all the details in this section keep changing as PCSE keep
changing their details and submission processes. You may wish to check for the
latest email address online.

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