Wessex Guide to GP ST1/2 Training

Essential reading for ST1/2 trainees and their supervisors: ST1/2 GP Training Guide and Wessex AiT handbook 2016.

Essential Paperwork

The Wessex Deanery website contains all the essential forms that needs to be completed at least 6 weeks prior to the start of GP training. Please click here for further details.

GP Curriculum

The RCGP sets the GP curriculum, which describes the skills and expertise you will need to acquire over the course of your training. The RCGP site contains a wealth of guidance and case-discussions for each section of the curriculum. This is an invaluable resource for completing WPBA and you should refer to it regularly.
You may also find the following speciality-specific workbooks useful to help you plan your learning objectives during your various hospital posts.


Hospital Inductions

Each Trust will run their own Induction Programme and should provide you with all of the relevant information to ensure a smooth start to your rotation. Please let your Programme Director know at the Day Release Course if you have any concerns about the quality of your induction.

Practice Inductions in ST1 and ST2

During your first 1-2 weeks in General Practice you will have a comprehensive induction that will include:

  • Sitting in and observing GP surgeries
  • Observing practice nurse clinics
  • Going out with District nurses/Health visitors
  • Observing receptionists roles
  • Time with the practice manager

The Wessex Deanery website contains further guidance, including details about the GP ST working week.