ST1 Specialty Clinic Programme

The GP training scheme is comprised of 18 months in Hospital posts and 18 months in GP. The best place to learn how to be a GP is in primary care, but there will inevitably be several specialties that trainees do not have experience of during their training scheme. Some trainees have expressed concern that their learning needs in hospital specialities may remain unmet during their training time.

In an attempt to address some of these perceived learning needs and to ensure that trainees have protected time for learning, the GP centre has developed a specialty clinic programme for trainees in GP placements in ST1 in Poole and Bournemouth. Trainees spend two sessions a week in various speciality clinics, both in hospital and in the community. Trainees will be allocated to clinics in GU medicine, rheumatology, dermatology, opthalmology, ENT, community paediatrics, gynaecology, urology and haematology.

The clinics follow a set schedule, but they do vary from week to week, so trainees need to ensure that their GP practices are aware of the exact dates they will be attending clinics. The clinics will run during week 1, 2 and 4 of each month, week 3 will be core SHO teaching. Those trainees involved will be sent an up to date timetable prior to starting in post.

A sample timetable is available here: Sample ST1 Specialty Clinic Programme.

Trainees should complete a record of learning using the GP Clinic Worksheet. This form needs to be signed by the doctor supervising the clinic and uploaded onto the e-portfolio.