Primary Care Attachment Evaluations

Previously known as ‘3 month reviews’, these evaluations are undertaken at an early stage in the GP ST3 year.

The review questionnaire has been designed to enable the Dorset Educational Team to evaluate the educational quality of GP trainee attachments. This is a statutory duty for the Educational team.

The review is designed to allow issues to be highlighted and managed in-house at an early stage. Most issues can be resolved in this way. The Education team will become involved in more complex situations, or where more serious disagreement exists between trainer and trainee.

In addition to this questionnaire there are two short confidential forms that registrar and trainer are welcome to submit to the Educational team; these forms are not seen by the other party but will read by the Educational team to help put the questionnaire in context. The completed forms will form part of the evidence of educational experience for the registrar and will support re-accreditation of the trainer and practice.

Forms can be downloaded here:

GP Attachment Evaluation

Registrar Confidential reply -2020

Trainer Confidential reply-2020