The Telephone Consultation

The Telephone Consultation:



Top 5 tips for remote consulting

10 tips for telephone consultations about CV (1)

Telephone Triage – How to maximise your effectiveness consulting with your patients (9 mins)


Red Whale- remote consulting (1)


COVID programme
Quick Telephone Consultation Tips eGPlearning – webpage guidance
Video consulting eGPlearning – video
Top tips for video consultations for the beginner Wessex LMCs – podcast
Video consultations: information for GPs BJGP – PDF guidance
Covid-19:remote consultations BMJ – infographic
Handbook for remote consultations Edition 1 Peer reviewed GP guidance – PDF
Remote Total Triage Model in General Practice NHSE/I – e-learning


Returning clinicians (excluding GPs) This is specifically for CCAS – re 111 service and sits outside the main COVID programme
Remote management of suspected and known Covid-19 CCAS – PDF



RCGP tips here


Roger Neighbour’s video on compassion.


How to break bad news over the phone.