Educational Supervisor

This page holds information Educational Supervisor Responsibilities, ES Reports, as well as ePortfolio Top Tips. You may also find the Trainees > F2 Foundation section useful.


Educational Supervisor Responsibilities

GP Trainers are responsible for the educational supervision of ST trainees in both hospital and GP placements as follows:-

  • ST1s in GP placements will have their GP ST1 Trainer as their Educational Supervisor
  • ST2s in hospital placements will have their ST3 Trainer as their Educational Supervisor
  • ST2s in GP placements will have their GP ST2 Trainer as their Educational Supervisor

Many of the useful documents linked with this subject can be found in the Employment Guidelines section.

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Educational Supervisor Reports

At the end of each placement, the Educational Supervisor is required to complete a Report on their ST Trainee, guidelines for the completion of which can be located in this ESR Guide.

The RCGP have released an e-learning module about writing good ESR reports – it can be found here.

All Educational Supervisors are entitled to claim £250 per Report completed on a GP Trainee in a 6 month period. To claim this payment, please complete the invoice template in the Trainer Payments section and return it to the Dorset GP Centre for processing.

statement has now been published online regarding comments received for the workload associated with the ESR. The statement also includes the following link to a guide providing many useful ideas and suggestions for completing the ESR

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