Annual Leave

Annual Leave GP Registrar Trainees

GP Registrar Trainees are entitled to holiday leave based on their position on the NHS Pay Scale.  It is not based upon their training grade or post position within a three year programme.  Some trainees may have prior experience and completed a number of years in training before commencing in the GP Programme.

Each year of the GP Training Programme will be designated by the title of ST1, ST2 and ST3 (which is normally the GPStR post).  The pay grade is, however, based on their years of work after their Foundation programme.  In the first year, after completing a Foundation Programme, the Trainee is paid at the StR00 (minimum) pay point on the pay scale.  For each year they are in employment as an ST doctor or trainee they will progress up the pay scale at their increment point one year later to StR01 in their second year, StR02 in their third year and StR03 in a fourth year.

Most Trainees will enter GP Training directly from Foundation Programmes and therefore, they will be at the StR02 pay point when they are in their ST3/GPStR year.

If a Trainee has, however, undertaken two years in Medical training prior to commencing in a GP Programme they will, by the time they are in their ST3 year, be at the StR04 point on the pay scale.

Where this becomes important is in NHS regulations which state that:

  • ST Trainees on the StR00 to StR02 pay point on the pay scale are entitled to 25 days leave.
  • ST Trainees on the StR03 point of the pay scale or higher are entitled to 30 days leave.


As stated earlier, this differs from the level they are in their three year GP training programme which will continue to be designated as ST1, 2 or 3 regardless of the pay point and leave entitlement.

It is, therefore, important to determine the pay point to calculate leave allowances.

Differences between Hospital Appointments and GPR Appointments in Practice

All Junior Doctors are entitled to either 25 days or 30 days holiday leave (as described above and based on pay point on the pay scale) plus the 8 days of annual bank holidays.

Doctors in hospital training posts (whether they are Speciality trainees or General Practice trainees) are entitled to their 25 or 30 days leave plus 8 bank holidays and 2 statutory additional days leave.

GP ST1, ST2 and ST3 trainees while in General Practice placements do not have the 2 additional statutory days leave and, therefore, the GP trainee in a practice placement will have ultimately 2 days less leave than when they are in their Hospital post regardless of their pay grade or position.

If a trainee is unsure of their pay point, they should contact their employer, (either the Hospital Trust or the PCT) as the Deanery is unable to provide this information.