CRB Checks

Important Information Regarding the Medical Performer’s List (MPL) and CRB Checks

Please note the following guidance re current application and for inclusion on to the PCT’s Medical Performers List

The MPL regulations state that from commencement in a GP Training post that a 2 month window is allowed to process applications to be included on the PCT MPL with conditions “in a supervised training post”.

  • This applies to all current ST1/2 GP posts and ST3/GPStR posts which commenced on Wednesday 4th August 2010.
  • This 2 month period is therefore from 4th August to the 3rd of October 2010.
  • The rate limiting step, is the eCRB check (which usually takes 6-8 weeks to come back to the PCT) and they will not be notified until the 9th week from application if there is a problem.
  • Due to changes in the CRB requirements (the addition and then subsequent withdrawal of the ISA requirement) the CRB offices delayed processing all applications in the summer for 1 month (!) and there is now a back-log at the office.
  • Provided the application to the PCT MPL was submitted before Wednesday 4th August 2010 then the trainee may continue to train but it must be under “direct clinical supervision” at all times and they should not do unaccompanied home visits.  A visit will be permitted however when a suitable clinical supervisor is present (i.e. another partner or District Nurse).
  • If the application was received by the PCT on or after the 4th August 2010 this will require individual review by the Deanery.
  • Please can I ask that pending receipt of “confirmation of approval by the PCT onto the MPL with supervision conditions” that surgeries do not arrange any “booked surgeries” after the 3rd of October.
  • Please do not contact the PCT with enquires re the eCRB check as they cannot do anything that will speed up the process, however the trainee themselves may approach the CRB office directly at 9 weeks (from date of the application) to check process and request a higher prioritisation of the eCRB check, no one else can.  They should explain their situation and that they may not be permitted to continue work/training in their current post.
  • Some trainee’s may not be permitted to continue clinical training in which case a alternative programme designed to meet other training needs must be arranged, please discuss this with the Patch associate Dean should this arise.
  • Delays in dealing with an eCRB check are usually a result of frequent changes of address (esp. in London), working overseas (including Jersey), or incomplete paperwork or details.

Please be patient with the process as the PCT cannot intervene at the CRB Offices, but they will notify the practice ASAP of approval.

Richard Weaver