Supporting trainees in difficulty

This page contains resources and links for trainers who are involved with trainees in difficulty.

Trainees find themselves in difficulty for many reasons and we would encourage trainers to raise any concerns about trainees as early as possible in the course of training. Questions and concerns can be directed to the Associate Dean or one of the Programme Directors. Email the GP Office if you are in doubt about the best way to contact the team (email address at the bottom of the page).



Video analysis checklist – developed specifically to use with international medical graduates (but applicable to all trainees): Video Checklist


Advice for trainers to help candidates prepare for CSA: Joint-RCGP COGPED guidance on CSA preparation October 2014


A recent paper looking at the reasons why candidates fail CSA: Why do candidates fail CSA?


Booklet on English idioms and phrases produced by Jill Choudhury, one of our previous ST3 trainees (helpful for international medical graduates): Spend A Penny Booklet


Helpful resources available from the Bradford VTS website: Bradford VTS – Doctors in Difficulty 


Information about the Professional Support Unit at Wessex Deanery: PSU (Wessex)