Why should I consider General Practice in Dorset?

What does a career in GP involve?

Most doctors working in General Practice are either GP partners or salaried GPs. Others choose to work as sessional GPs, often out-of-hours and locuming. Increasingly, GPs have a ‘Portfolio’ career and local GPs are involved in a wide range of other activities. Click here for examples of what local GPs do.


Why should I apply for GP training in Dorset?

Dorset offers an exceptional combination of good hospital rotations and varied, high quality GP practices. We also offer regular day release sessions for GP trainees throughout their 3 years with specialist speakers and GP-led sessions offering opportunities for learning and peer support.

Dorset is also an exceptionally beautiful place to live and work, with sandy beaches, the world’s second largest natural harbour and the rolling hills of the Dorset countryside. Having a good work-life balance is essential for sustaining a lifelong career in medicine and something we value highly in Dorset. Our trainees typically stay locally after their training is complete  – a strong endorsement of the quality of work and leisure opportunities here. Come and have a look for yourself and if you would like further information or to meet with one of the Programme Director, please email the GP team at GPCentre@bournemouth.ac.uk.


The commute home!


GP Fellowships and opportunities to work abroad

In addition to the standard GP training scheme we have several opportunities to gain additional experience in medical education, CCG work and working abroad.


Dorset GP and New Zealand links

Dorset GP training scheme recognises doctors desire to gain experience working in other health care systems and we have offer 6 and 12 month placements for some of our GP trainees to work in New Zealand.

Click here for more information Placements in New Zealand


Global Health

Dorset GP training scheme offers trainees to work abroad on leadership and global health projects in several countries, including Cambodia, Tanzania and South Africa.

Click here for more information Improving Global Health through Leadership